chris randolph
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Intelligence Liaison to the Secretary of Homeland Security, U.S Coast Guard

Chris Randolph founded two successful companies, Calm Seas and The Fed Whisperer, to help federal and commercial customers navigate the defense, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement marketplace.  Both companies assist innovative technology firms with their business strategies and how to develop a competitive advantage with a focus on positioning, alliances, business intelligence, and the identification of funding sources.

After retiring from the U.S. Coast Guard, Chris was recruited by one of fastest growing IT firms in Washington, DC as the Director for their Domestic Security business unit.  The firm was acquired in 2013 and he was promoted to work directly for the CSO to run the firm’s new National Security business unit.  In this role, Chris demonstrated his knowledge of the federal marketplace, especially the 22 disparate DHS components, and relationships within the Washingtonian technology sector.  Chris created the firm’s first legislative affairs team and won over $11 billion in contracts in less than 2 years.

In his 25 years in the military, he served as the Intelligence Representative to the DHS Secretary, the U.S. Coast Guard’s Information Sharing Executive, the Continuity of Government Program Manager, the Coast Guard’s first State, Local, Territorial, Tribal Program Director, and the first Coast Guard Cyber Security Representative to DHS.

Chris Randolph led the Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter (NSC) Program, the most dynamic acquisition program in the Coast Guard’s 227-year history.  He drove the program through requirements development, design, construction, delivery, support, and ultimately to operational status.  While leading this program, he developed and implemented a 30 year, $65 billion staffing, operating, training, intelligence, maintenance and IT budget for three classes of ships totaling 91 acquisitions.  He created more than 6,000 new civilian, military and contractor positions to operate and support the three new ship classes in their global mission.  Only 8 ships were originally planned, but in 2016, funding for an unprecedented 10th ship has been written into congressional language.

Chris worked his way through the Coast Guard ranks beginning as a young enlisted deck seaman to ultimately commanding his own ship, circumnavigating the globe, deploying twice with the U.S. Navy to the Middle East; as the director of Maritime Interdiction Operations against Iraq immediately following the attack on USS COLE, and conducting Iraqi Leadership Interdiction Operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He served as the Deputy On-Scene Commander of New York Harbor on 9/11, supervising the evacuation of over 750,000 people immediately following the attacks.

Mr. Randolph is an active volunteer with the American Red Cross, having served over 10 years at both Walter Reed and Ft. Belvoir military hospitals visiting patients with his Bernese Mountain Dogs Ozzie & Sophie.  His favorite hobby is vintage auto racing with High-Performance Heroes; a non-profit race team which helps rehabilitate combat-wounded veterans by teaching them how to race cars modified to compensate for their particular disability.