Tactical Security Operations

tactical operationsFrontier Security Strategies has partnerships with several tactical security companies (including OPS15, a Massachusetts based company) to provide top-level Tactical Operation services. This capability consists of a network of operators from the law enforcement and military communities working alongside technology partners and chemists to assist and prepare others in staying ahead of the threat. The focus is to share the most current trends with our partners as we instruct, advise, consult, and protect from an operational perspective.

The increasing threat and tempo of attacks by terrorist groups and those with other criminal intent have changed the way we live. No longer can we be complacent and assume it will never happen here or to me. When there is an attack or a threat, it affects us mentally, emotionally, and financially. Operators at OPS15 spent years providing security and responding to these very attacks and incidents throughout their years of public service, and most are still currently doing so. This collective experience made made the team realize that there was a large void between what the public sector could provide and what was available currently in the private sector. The team was intent on filling that void which led to the Hazardous Assessment Operations service.

This Hazardous Assessment Operator’s can be implemented into any security plan or system to augment existing capabilities with truly professional, and capable resources that were previously unavailable.  Hazardous Assessment Operator’s provide on scene and immediate threat assessments relative to a potential criminal events or terrorist attacks utilizing training, years of experience, and cutting edge technology as well as Explosives Detection Canines. These tools will allow the operator to conduct a proper threat assessment in real time and appropriately advise the client.

Security Services Include

  • Existing Security Team Building/Training
  • Armed Protection with Tactical Training & Experience
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Hazardous Threat Identification/Response/Mitigation
  • Counter IED Protection
  • Canine Detection Teams
  • Seamless Integration with Current Operations

Technology Included With Services

  • Chemical/Radiological Detection
  • Mobile Diagnostics/X-Ray
  • Blast Mitigation Systems