School Security

school securityWhen the safety of your academic community is one of your top priorities, and your school’s reputation is one of your most valuable assets, you’ll do whatever it takes to provide a safe environment for your students, faculty, staff, and visitors. High profile incidents such as mass shootings and sexual attacks have put the topic of school security in the public eye today more than ever before. We have created a proprietary school security strategy to work side-by-side with your leadership to tailor our program to best meet your security, safety, and risk mitigation needs and, at the same time, fit your culture.

We partner with you to maintain a safe campus environment by benchmarking current policies, procedures, personnel, physical measures, technology, and training against industry best practice standards in security, safety, emergency preparedness, HR, compliance, and legal. Through coordination and integration for preventative security, risk mitigation, threat assessment, emergency management, and incident response, we enhance the steps necessary to protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors from exposure to harm. And through an independent analysis of your current resources, we provide objectivity and apply a holistic school security strategy by sharing the extensive expertise of our team.